Tv Commercial for Bath Saving Trust Bank, ME

TV Commercial filmed with Nomad Pictures in Scarborough, ME for Bath Saving Trust Bank.

Makeup & Hair: Rhonda Cummings

"Half the History-Wayside"

Documentary with Tufts University Film & The Five Sister Production Company.

Makeup & Hair/Wigs: Rhonda Cummings

Face Forward Team Credits

"Half the History"

 This documentary is 5 years in the making with Tufts University Film students & the Five Sisters Film Company from CA.

FFI Makeup Team & Hair Team:

Rhonda Cummings

Michelle DiOrio

Rozy Dahlstedtf

Tiffany DiOrio

Anna Varone

"On-Off Season"

 Boston Film Director: Ben Taylor

FFI Makeup & Hair Team:

Rhonda Cummings

Anna Varone

The Directors words on this powerful Film


Boston Film Director: Jon Heutmaker 

Makeup & Hair/Rhonda Cummings


New England Film Director: Danielle Bryant

Makeup & Hair/ Rhonda Cummings

"Dancing on Yellow Edges"

Boston Film Director Ben Hostings

Makeup & Hair/ Rhonda Cummings

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"Old Guy"

Comedy Series Filmed with the Five Sisters Production Company.

FFI Makeup & Hair Team:

Rhonda Cummings

Rozy Dahlstedt

Tufts University Film & Theater productions

Professor Jennifer Burton (L)Tufts Film Department & Director: Five Sisters Film Production in CA.  

Linda Guird (Ctr) Director Tufts Theater Costume Department

Rhonda Cummings (R) Key Makeup & Hair/Wig for Face Forward Inc.

"Anna May Wong"

Director of Costume Design: Linda Guirard

Writer, Director, Producer: Cynthia Chen

Makeup & Hair/Wigs: 

Rhonda Cummings

Rozy Dahlstedt

Charles River Appearal

Massachusetts  based company that is known world-wide.  Commercial Video produced that was seen around the world.  Makeup & Hair: Rhonda Cummings